21 Days of oil cleansing method. Day #10

Last night I steamed, I am happy to have found out that the castor oil is great at growing lashes, no wonder that’s one of the first things I noticed, my lashes were looking so much better.

 This morning I cleaned in shower being careful not to get water on my skin, not that that would kill me.


My pimple spots are starting to fade just a bit and the skin is appearing a bit more brighter.

21 Days of oil cleansing method. Day # 9

The cleanse went well, I did not steam at all just with a towel only. It’s okay so far. I got questioned by my boss on the appearance of my skin and when I explained the method he was perplexed at the idea.

Just to recap, you apply the oils on your face you can take your time massage them in, and sit with the oil a few minutes or while you shower. thereafter you can put your face cloth under hot running water, quickly ring out your face towel and place on your face for the steam to dissolve all the oil. image

21 Days of oil cleansing method. Day #8

Last night I rubbed the oils in until my face heated up (as in my face turned red) and then I let it sit for a bit. After removing the oils with steam I put a bit of olive oil back on my skin as it was slightly dry, I did not use my milk cleanser and night cream I just applied the olive oil and went to bed. The olive in its own isn’t so moisturizing if you just apply it. It sinks well into the skin. If you leave it from your oil cleanse only and don’t reapply it feels a bit like a soft thin layer.

This morning I also applied the oil, let it sit while I showered and than removed it with the steam, my face is not left dried out anymore, rather plump and supple. I am looking forward to the 21 day mark so I can do a proper evaluation. 

21 Days of oil cleansing method. day #7

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21 Days of oil cleansing method. Day #6

Uhm….  my skin is looking ok, I guess today is just one of those days where I don’t think I look my best. None the less my oil cleanse went well and my skin was feeling supple and fresh.
Oil cleansing method. Day #5

So I have been doing it wrong! and last night I started doing it correctly, I did not put any water to wash the oil off I just put my face towel under hot water quickly wrang it up and put it on my face. My, my! this is so much more effective and faster than rinsing with water. All in all my skin is still taking this well and looking good. I have had no pimples and no negative reactions.

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21 Days of oil cleanse method, Day #3

I steamed again last night, if I am steaming in the dish my face comes out looking matte but still oily to the touch. I was still beet red thought in areas (my lighter toned areas ) I went to bed doubting if this thing is really going to work.

This morning I proceeded as usual, in shower steaming (due to time constraints) and I am very pleased with how my skin is looking today, mind you I have been very stressed and restless this whole week and my skin does not show that at all. I can’t wait for the 7 day mark. So I can do a proper evaluation.

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