Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

women work and the will to lead.

The book is an easy read that is written in a candid and conversational manner. It deals with issues women face in their careers and the challenges of balancing career, family and social prejudices.


This has been a rollercoaster read for me, at some points I completely disagree and agree at others and somehow the book managed to make me think maybe having kids is a bad idea and excruciating hard work if you are set on being an influential career/business woman.  This is the type of things good books are made of, not just a book one fully agrees with but one that evokes various emotions.


Chapter 2. sit on the table struck home : which speaks about women who sideline themselves and do not consider themselves as imposing on not as part of the group/discussion. in this chapter Sheryl invites women to come and join the discussion, be a part of the team and stop considering themselves as outcasts or not worthy to be there.

Thank you to my friend Philile Mkhize who recommended this book to me. This is a highly recommended read for women (and males ) who are pursuing a career driven life.

I Am Nobelungu, and My Soul is Royal Blue

A brief insight into how I identify with myself, how I lost myself, and most important how I rediscovered myself. 

Product Review / Avon Ultra Glaze-wear Lipstick and Lip gloss. 

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