21 Days of oil cleanse method, Day #3

I steamed again last night, if I am steaming in the dish my face comes out looking matte but still oily to the touch. I was still beet red thought in areas (my lighter toned areas ) I went to bed doubting if this thing is really going to work.

This morning I proceeded as usual, in shower steaming (due to time constraints) and I am very pleased with how my skin is looking today, mind you I have been very stressed and restless this whole week and my skin does not show that at all. I can’t wait for the 7 day mark. So I can do a proper evaluation.

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21 days of oil cleanse method, day #2

In the evening I applied the oils as per day #1,  but this time I poured boiling water into a big dish and I covered myself with a towel, face hovering  over the dish and steamed my face till it was dripping wet. The castor oil just makes me gag (eiw, reminds me of the days when we were young and mom would have us drink it). The steaming went well, I kept my eyes closed so no oils got in my eyes. When I got out of the steam my face was so gorge! (I just like it when my skin is plump and well oiled)

I washed with warm water (wrong again) and rinsed with cold water to close my pores. 

In the morning as there is no time to steam over a dish I just washed my face in hot water and patting my face with the towel (smh)

There is no noticeable difference in my skin, except the plumpness and freshness in the morning. What i did observer though is that not moisturizing my face after is not going to work for  me, I don’t like the feel of it. 

21 days of oil cleanse method day #1

First up I set up my mixture as described on the oil cleanse website. In general I put in more olive oil than castor oil. The olive oil I already had a I was using it for my hair, i had to buy the castor oil from the pharmacy. 

I applied the oil mixture on my face, neck and decolletage so that I have the same appearance if this thing works. 

I went in the shower, and washed my face with water only.( Which now I know was totally wrong)  There after I followed up with cold water to close the pores and applied my usual face creams.

In the morning when I woke up, although I didn’t get much sleep my skin was looking plump and fresh, I did the oil cleanse as per last night again this morning, right after doing it my face is so red, due to the hot water.

No major changes yet besides my skin being plump and fresh in the morning. 

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