Fashion Fast Forward - ZARTH

ZARTH fashion house a Durban brand founded and lead by Durban local designer Zama Mathe promises to give a stunning show stopper at this years Durban Fashion Fair. from the garments shown at the media launch, one can expect nothing short of eloquent elegance. ZARTH will show case on Saturday 23 August at 21h00 tickets on sale at computicket. 

Quick hairstyle. Bun and twist

Winter Hair Care for African Women

It just started getting cold in Durban and there’s not a better time to shed some light on proper hair care during winter.

1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Make sure you moisturize and seal your hair every night and during the day/morning. with the cold wind we loose a lot of moisture and hair can become dry and brittle very quickly. 

2. Protective hairstyles

Corn rows, weaves, braids etc, keep your hair done and your ends tucked in and away. Most women make the mistake of thinking once you have a protective style you do not have to moisturize (Iv been a great victim of this mistake), you still need to keep your hair moisturized to avoid heavy breakage when you undo your hair. 

3. Wigs and weaves

these are the most easiest and better manageable protective hairstyles. find the right style for you, and pop a beanie on you head and that’s instant winter chic. do however make sure that your weave is not sewn in too tight and that you take absolute care of your leave outs and temple and hairline.

4. Condition

now is the season of conditioner and less protean treatments. flexibility and softness will greatly minimize hair breakage. 


It seems one of the hardest things to do these days is t stay sincere to one’s self. Being constantly bombarded by Facebook statuses of “gratitude” (which I call bragitude, even when I do it) , pictures of babies, or their newest “accessory”  #myride #bmw. Al these exert a substantial amount of pressure on anyone viewing who hasn’t reached that stage yet and certain levels of jealousy.

Not everyone has the same goals in the same order of importance, let alone the same fate, so why do we constantly gauge ourselves with various gauges? If your priority is to own a business before you own a vehicle, then do shift your focus from that. If you keep focusing on others accomplishments which do not line up with yours, you are simply measuring water with a measuring tape and wondering why it’s not working out. This will only result in despondency and a great sense of failure.

I keep a list of my goals on my bedroom door and engraved in my mind. Every time I find myself measuring water with a measuring tape I flip back to my list and remind myself of MY goals, in MY preferred order. Competition is good, and necessary in the right amounts however don’t let it derail you from the race you set out to run, diverting to join a race you know not of its end beginning and reward.

Use jealousy and competition to your advantage, let it inspire you, and remember: thou shalt not covet!

Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

women work and the will to lead.

The book is an easy read that is written in a candid and conversational manner. It deals with issues women face in their careers and the challenges of balancing career, family and social prejudices.


This has been a rollercoaster read for me, at some points I completely disagree and agree at others and somehow the book managed to make me think maybe having kids is a bad idea and excruciating hard work if you are set on being an influential career/business woman.  This is the type of things good books are made of, not just a book one fully agrees with but one that evokes various emotions.


Chapter 2. sit on the table struck home : which speaks about women who sideline themselves and do not consider themselves as imposing on not as part of the group/discussion. in this chapter Sheryl invites women to come and join the discussion, be a part of the team and stop considering themselves as outcasts or not worthy to be there.

Thank you to my friend Philile Mkhize who recommended this book to me. This is a highly recommended read for women (and males ) who are pursuing a career driven life.